The MORMED R&D Project

This innovative collaborative research project was started to improve cooperation and access to information for medical experts and patients around the globe.

MORMED was inspired by LTC’s research and development into improving information sharing and collaboration, and our work with companies and experts in the field of medicine and life science.

The MORMED Project stands for Multilingual and Organic Information Management in the Medical Domain. The project was organised and developed by a consortium of partners, including four medical institutions and one research institute from across Europe. In piloting and testing the platform, the project involved various communities interested in Lupus or Antiphospholipid Syndrome such as researchers, medical doctors, general practitioners, patients and support groups.

The results of the project include:

  • An integrated multilingual thematic community platform (piloted in rare diseases).
  • A platform that overcomes language barriers.
  • The promotion of information exchange and social networking for specific thematic communities.
  • Existing content has been made accessible and new, user-generated content is stimulated via the platform.
  • Linguistic resources improve the automated translation quality (including corpora, taxonomies and terminologies).




Research project MORMED was funded by the European Commission's 7th Framework Programme, CIP-ICT PSP, under Grant Agreement 250534 (Multilingual Web).