Website GlobalizaticonResearch suggests that more than half of the Internet’s traffic comes from users in countries where English is not the prevalent language. Many companies understand this, and have already translated their websites. However, they have tackled the job without the expertise and guidance of a trusted partner like LTC. And after the site is translated, updating the site is costly and time-consuming, particularly because dynamic content is difficult to track and deliver in multiple languages. LTC manages this cumbersome process too!

True website globalization demands translation for specific locales and languages. LTC employs specialists with expertise in coding languages, so every aspect of your globalization is managed.

Moreover, our engineers research the strings to be translated and flag potential issues to the translators, such as variables, date formats, country-specific legal regulations.

LTC Website Globalization Service Facts
  • More than half of the Internet’s traffic is in languages other than English
  • Having a website in multiple languages does not have to be costly
  • We understand country specific adaptations that go beyond translation
  • We use only the latest translation technologies
  • We provide bespoke solutions for leading industries

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