Transcreation ServicesIf you are taking your marketing message to a global audience, think transcreation, not just a word-for-word translation. Here’s why:

  • With translation, you’re only concerned about a faithful or accurate adaptation of your text. You’re basically saying the same thing in a new language.
  • With transcreation, the objective is to get the same reaction to your message from readers in another language. This requires creativity and originality, to ensure that your message resonates with your audience in the way it was intended.

LTC professionals have the unique skills to make transcreation projects effective and successful. The benefit of this approach is that is it fast, since the translation and adaptation happen in one step.

LTC Transcreation Facts:
  • Transcreation by LTC employs translators with superior subject knowledge combined with cultural experience
  • The result: Your message gets the intended reaction from your new audience
  • Transcreation saves time and cost when marketing campaigns are repurposed for international use
  • LTC is your one-stop shop for on-target transcreation services

LTC transcreation services focus on your message, not individual words

Translation + Localization + Creativity = Transcreation

Transcreation services by LTC go beyond simple translation and localization. We focus on your intended message and express it in a way that resonates with its new target audience, taking into consideration important cultural differences. Word-for-word translation becomes secondary to conveying the overall message.

Transcreation has applications for marketing, allowing expensive campaigns to be repurposed for international audiences. An advertising campaign developed in one country., with impressive results, should be carefully translated, evaluated and modified to ensure that it resonates with its target audience in different countries. It may be tempting to rely on local translation companies to provide this service. With LTC, you are assured that your marketing project is not only translated accurately, but is sensitive to the cultural differences that make your message meaningful. That’s why transcreation is so powerful. It focuses on your message, not the words themselves.

Transcreation has several other applications in manufacturing, healthcare and finance, among other industries. For example, complex information in clinical trial protocols and consent forms can be simplified for use in other countries, or product documentation can be adjusted for additional languages.

LTC translators have superior specialist subject knowledge, along with creative-writing skills and familiarity with the cultures of target countries. Their objective is to adapt your text so that it achieves the reaction you expect from your audience.

And, as with all LTC services, your transcreation project is handled with our superior project-management methodology.