Terminology Management iconYou may not realize that you need Terminology Management from LTC. Consider:

  • 68% of global businesses believe that inconsistent terminology has a negative impact on customer satisfaction
  • The same percentage believe it increases the cost of translating content
  • 57% believe it has a negative impact on branding

You use industry-specific terms every day, as well as language or acronyms that are unique to your company or organization. If your terminology is not consistent, your communication is at risk, internally and externally. And if your company is global, the risk increases exponentially.

At LTC, we use a Terminology Management system for every customer project, because we understand its importance. Let us implement a formal Terminology Management system throughout your company to ensure that your messaging, use of terms, and brand are consistent.

But keep in mind: Language is a living thing; it evolves and changes. After your system is in place, LTC can maintain it, so that your terminology database is always current. This is especially important for global, multilingual enterprises.

LTC Terminology Management Facts:
  • Inconsistent terminology has negative implications throughout an enterprise
  • LTC implements a Terminology Management system for all customer projects
  • LTC can build an enterprise-level Terminology Management system to ensure your consistent messaging
  • LTC maintains your system so your terminology database is always current
  • Online systems are easily shared and easily maintained

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