LTC Communicator




A truly global solution to overcome multilingual communications barriers. LTC Communicator is an innovative multilingual workflow system integrating on-demand translation into any application. With LTC technology you can realise an automated, secure customized translation solution.

Enable instant global knowledge sharing and communication

LTC Communicator integrates with almost any workflow application seamlessly into the application infrastructure. Users can communicate regardless of their native language and content is created, translated, and controlled simultaneously across multiple languages.

Achieve instant cost savings and return on investment

By combining translation technologies with quality assured human post-editing, the efficiency of the translation process is radically improved. Now you can instantly reduce your translation costs. Translation tasks are automated and controlled. Where new topics and terminology are introduced into the communication loop, LTC Communicator even "learns" and automates the response for subsequent enquiries. By using a trained and automated translation system, content is prepared and translation times are greatly reduced.

A system that continuously learns

The automated translation system continuously learns from human quality assurance. LTC Communicator automates a communication loop and updates translation memory to support improved future translations. This continuously reduces the human workload of recurrent content and introduces an understanding of context.

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LTC Communicator consists of advanced technology to ensure a total solution for the user. The system combines established language technologies, with an automation server to provide a very flexible solution to multilingual content translation requirements.


Use Case Scenarios

LTC Communicator has been implemented in a number of products for the medical, travel and automotive industries and in e-learning environments. Read the use cases below. LTC Communicator is so easily customised that it has the capability to naturally be used in different domains, industries and languages.