MorMed Overview

The healthcare and life sciences platform for seamless, interactive and multilingual collaboration

MorMed is a multilingual social networking and content management platform for the medical domain. Uniquely, the platform combines social software applications with semantic information processing tools and an advanced translation workflow system. Web 2.0 applications have contributed towards bringing geographically dispersed groups of people with common interests together. Nevertheless, language remains an essential barrier. This is a great problem for the efficient dissemination of valuable knowledge among dispersed medical communities, particularly those interested in topics where information is very scarce, such as rare diseases.

MorMed provides the solution. Users can create wikis, blogs, forums, polls and more. All content benefits from the added functionality of near real-time communication in multiple languages, semantic analysis, and recommendations for specific topic interests.

Engage global online communities for domain specific knowledge sharing

Achieve instant global knowledge sharing and collaboration. Users of the MorMed online community can access information with a specific thematic focus, regardless of their national language and geographical location. Now, dispersed groups who speak different languages can share knowledge, opinions and information, thus overcoming language barriers.

The semantic technology results in an innovative next generation knowledge management system promoting social structures and collaboration between users.

Ensure information is available in any language

LTC technology controls on-demand translations enhanced for the medical domain. Seamless and interactive multilingual collaboration is made possible with an automated translation process invisible to the user. Content created in one language is available to community users in any language, with the functionality to ensure quality multilingual communication.

Instantly increase the efficiency of communication and collaboration

In previously dispersed communities it was difficult to facilitate communication. Now, a cost effective method ensures fast and trusted translations of high quality. MorMed engages more users and allows the creation of static and dynamic information regardless of the preferred language. Communication and collaboration are increased to provide efficient knowledge sharing.

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