The Language Technology Centre wins Business Excellence Awards for Best SME

LTC wins Best SME Business AwardsLondon, UK – 27th October 2014. LTC, provider of translation services and language technology solutions, has won Best SME in the Kingston Business Excellence Awards 2014. The Best SME award recognises the ongoing role that all SME businesses play in growing and sustaining the economy.

SME success is an important component of the economy, and it is vital that businesses continue to grow, flourish and move into a position of longer-term sustainability. The companies nominated for this category have demonstrated pro-active leadership and management, a robust business model, significant sustained business and a concise and impactful plan for sustained growth. Thanks to the strong business planning, innovation and differentiation within the industry, LTC were able to beat the competition and win the Best SME award for the local area.

Patricia Stiling, of the Antoinette Hotel Group sponsoring the category, described LTC as dynamic and innovative with a flexible and creative approach.

LTC has grown as a business since it was founded in 1992, has influenced the language industry in many ways and supports SMEs and large organisations alike to overcome language barriers. In an industry which is still developing, LTC’s responsiveness to change and innovation based on its vision for the future has driven continued growth.

LTC wins Best SME awards presentation

The Kingston Business Excellence Awards celebrate business in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, in South West London. The awards led by the three leading business support organisations - Kingston Chamber of Commerce, the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames and Kingstonfirst – highlight successful and commendable businesses.

“We are delighted to win the category for Best SME. Winning this business award demonstrates the hard work that goes into our approach at LTC. We constantly work to create the best opportunities for organisations working with multiple languages,” says Dr Adriane Rinsche, Managing Director. “LTC continuously seeks to improve services and technology through customer feedback and innovative methods for product development and business management.”

“LTC brings a global perspective to the London borough, and we are thrilled to be acknowledged for the solutions that we provide."

The Language Technology Centre has over twenty years of experience providing consultancy, technology solutions and translation services that accelerate time to market, create new global revenue opportunities, expand your brands worldwide and drastically reduce operating costs.

LTC offers an innovative, flexible and focused approach to ensuring its customers’ success in all aspects of authoring, managing and delivering multilingual content. Whether translating documents, localising software, websites and products or improving multilingual business processes with technology you can contact LTC for language projects great and small.

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