LTC wins translation services contract to the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union (CdT) in the legal field.

Logo - CdT - Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European UnionLondon, UK and Washington DC, USA – 13th October 2014. LTC, The Language Technology Centre, has recently been awarded a contract for translation services to the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union (CdT).

This award follows the review of a tendering process to select preferred service providers. The contract will concern translation of texts in the legal field from German, Spanish and Italian into English.

The service to be provided is complex. While the texts in question require the use of the appropriate legal terminology and register, they also frequently discuss issues of highly specialised technical content or of particular linguistic style that require great attention to detail. In view of this, translation of these texts requires a high level of general linguistic competence in addition to familiarity with the legal domain and terminology. Services will form part of a framework agreement including other translation providers.

The CdT offers a variety of cost-effective and flexible services in the field of translation to many EU bodies. When outsourcing large amounts of work the challenge is to secure sustainable quality. Translation services regarding texts in the legal field will relate to the work of the various bodies and institutions of the European Union. LTC’s experience and strength translating legal documents was recognised by the Legal Affairs Section of the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union using complex criteria. This includes taking into account LTC’s translation contracts in the legal domain for the Translation Centre and acknowledging LTC’s methods to ensure strict compliance with deadlines, to cope with unpredictable circumstances, to back up work and use best of breed translation tools. An important factor is the ability to assess, accept and assign texts for translation to the preferred supplier.

The linguistic and terminological resources, the composition of the proposed team and the methods used to revise the translation work and to incorporate feedback from requesters was central to being able to meet the requirements of the contract. LTC uses an advanced workflow tool, LTC Worx, for meeting quality requirements and managing project standards.

LTC has a number of ongoing contracts in place with the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union. These include translation services and revision in such areas as legal, chemical, aviation, railway, medical, pharmaceutical, and general texts for various languages. LTC’s experience supports the managed services in highly specialised topic areas to deliver effective multilingual content. For more information, view LTC translation services.

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