LTC upgrades Deutsche Post DHL's translation management infrastructure

London, UK and Washington DC, USA - 18 December 2013

Logo - Deutsche PostLTC has announced that Deutsche Post has extended its partnership with LTC, adding translation memory hosting to an existing long term business relationship, covering translation services and LTC Worx hosting.

Deutsche Post DHL is one of the most recognisable brands in Germany, with over 500 years of history. The brand stands for close, personal proximity, reliable quality and groundbreaking services. Doing business in more than 220 countries and territories demands more than high quality translation and localization; Deutsche Post also needs to maintain an advanced system to manage multilingual business processes and other business functions such as resource allocation and budgeting.

“LTC has been a large scale provider of language services and technology to Deutsche Post since 2000, and we have enjoyed an excellent ongoing business relationship,” explained Dr Adriane Rinsche, Managing Director at LTC. “During this time language needs have developed to support global operations, and LTC supports Deutsche Post in managing a clear strategy for multilingual content.”

This extended partnership with Deutsche Post will see advanced automation options, the continued hosting of the LTC Worx SaaS solution, and importantly LTC will also host the Kilgray memoQ 2013 translation environment as part of the complete translation management solution.

“Technology solutions such as LTC Worx and memoQ have allowed the Corporate Language Service (CLS) at Deutsche Post to plan, track and report on important language projects. This supports the innovation required to achieve our goal: to enable our customers within DPDHL and our subsidiaries to act globally, overcoming language barriers” said Doro Meyer-Veit, Head of CLS.

“The memoQ translation environment allows you to carry out many precise functions such as managing multiple packages in one, multilingual project,” said István Lengyel, Kilgray CEO. “By using LTC Worx and memoQ together, users can manage projects with complete control and this makes life a lot easier.”

LTC language services have covered many different subject areas including logistics, infrastructure, environment, law, IT, marketing and more. The LTC Worx system has enabled the management of flexible and controlled multilingual processes.

The solution facilitates the design of unique workflows and gives control over the complete end-to-end process. DPDHL use memoQ 2013 and LTC Worx to drive down operational costs with advanced applications.


About LTC

LTC logoWith over 20 years of experience in deploying and developing advanced solutions LTC provides an innovative and focused approach to ensuring its customers’ success in all aspects of authoring, managing and delivering corporate content in multiple languages. LTC’s high value language technology and multilingual services are valued by leading global enterprises.

LTC collaborates with internationally active clients such as Deutsche Post, continuously improving upon current technology. By changing with the market and adapting to the needs of both existing and new clients, LTC has gained many long term loyal customers.

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About Kilgray

Kilgray logoKilgray's memoQ is an advanced translation environment for translators and reviewers. memoQ is one of the most feature rich, pioneering and popular translation memory tools. Kilgray is committed to providing advanced translation technology with a strong emphasis on quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. Kilgray was founded in Hungary in 2004, has offices in four countries and is the fastest growing translation technology company.

All Kilgray products, like memoQ translator pro, the memoQ server, and the Language Terminal, facilitate, speed-up and optimize the entire translation process. You can use memoQ to guarantee timely delivery, high productivity and customer satisfaction.

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About Deutsche Post DHL

Deutsche Post DHL logoThe Deutsche Post and DHL corporate brands offer a one-of-a-kind portfolio of logistics and communications services. The Group provides its customers with both easy to use standardized products as well as innovative and tailored solutions ranging from dialog marketing to industrial supply chains. About 475,000 employees in more than 220 countries and territories form a global network focused on service, quality and sustainability.

Deutsche Post DHL is one of the top 10 largest employers in the world and manages more than 1 million customer contacts per hour. The corporate focus is on service quality, product development and links between different divisions in order to better address customer needs.

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