The start of the KnowHow project will see cloud-based knowledge management technology for social business applications.

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London, UK and Washington DC, USA - 1 July 2013. LTC has announced the start of a project to create a superior and industrial-grade knowledge management platform, with the demonstration project KnowHow, begun on the 1st July 2013.

KnowHow will demonstrate a cloud-based knowledge management platform for social business, and as a result will implement four new technological solutions based on the cloud-enabled web platform.

The environment in which modern organizations operate is undergoing a major paradigm shift fuelled by the pervasiveness of ICT and the increasing popularity of social computing. An ever-growing number of organizations are adopting a model of social business, making active use of social media to communicate and engage with key stakeholders. The new social business mind set is redefining many aspects of organizational operations, including how organizations perceive knowledge management.

A new, social model of knowledge management (social KM) is becoming increasingly prevalent. Focus is shifting away from how to best capture and allow access to knowledge, into how to enable knowledge-generating interactions between individuals in the most effective way. In parallel, cloud computing presents new opportunities for developing and provisioning organizational support systems (which are always available) and facilitate economies of scale.

In line with these developments, KnowHow will market a novel Knowledge Management Platform as a Service (KM-PaaS) environment for social business applications. The project, partly funded by the EU, will prepare the ground for its commercial exploitation.

LTC are experts in authoring, translating and localizing content in multiple languages and create workflow processes that improve management and collaboration in various business scenarios. LTC will look to incorporate knowledge management functions and multilingual technology to provide enhanced products and services. This will improve efficiency and quality through innovative collaboration in an intelligent content management environment.

Would you like to hear more about this intelligent content management environment and the capabilities of technology for knowledge management and collaboration to improve language management?

KnowHow project

LTC and partners were successful in winning this KnowHow contract, enhancing core technology developed as a prototype during the OrganiK collaborative research project. The KnowHow consortium consists of 5 partners from 4 EU member states: Germany, Greece, United Kingdom and Italy. The project website will be available soon to stay informed. The project will carry out the testing and analysis of the different project partners’ knowledge management capabilities and expectations. The results will see the positioning of a commercialised KM-PaaS product and a range of new technological solutions for knowledge-intensive applications in different domains.

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