LTC actively participates in the development of the LT-Innovate Forum

Dr. Adriane Rinsche, LTC’s MD, is Vice Chair and member of the steering committee for LT-Innovate, the Forum for Europe's Language Technology Industry.

LT-Innovate - The Forum for Europe's LT IndustryLT-Innovate is an EU funded market development programme. A not-for-profit organisation gathering European companies, mainly SMEs, involved in the development of products using intelligent content, speech and translation technologies.

The European Language Technology industry has a solid scientific and engineering base, with which it has the opportunity to leverage into global market leadership. LT-Innovate aims to support the development of the LT industry.

LTi's goals are:

  • to unify Europe's LT sector for increased competitiveness in the global market place;
  • to promote Language Technology as a key enabling technology for Europe's economy and society through Europe's Digital Single Market;
  • to facilitate technology transfer from research to  market;
  • to articulate the members' collective interests vis-à-vis buyers, researchers, investors and policy makers.

LTC is proud to be a part of LT-Innovate, creating collective action driven by the interests of the group's members.

The European Language Technology industry is structurally fragmented and requires improved coordination in order to gain visibility and market efficiency. LT would benefit from an industry wide focus for information exchange and communication.

LT-Innovate gathers top executives of European companies involved in developing and selling products using speech, translation or intelligent content (text mining, semantics, analytics, etc.) technologies. The Forum aims to facilitate technology transfer from research to collaborative development to the supply of solutions and services to the commercial market.

Language = Intelligence and LT-Innovate = Language Technology Innovation

Visit to view the state-of-the-art online information sharing and collaboration platform.

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