LTC Communicator consists of advanced technology to ensure a total solution for the user. The system combines established language technologies, with an automation server to provide a very flexible solution to multilingual content translation requirements.

Accelerate the translation process

Automated workflows ensure that content is available in multiple languages. LTC Communicator automates the communication loop. Translation times are greatly reduced and you can now manage your automation process.

The system redefines the whole process of obtaining translated information. By using a trained and automated translation system content is prepared, key processes are accelerated, and language barriers to communication are instantly overcome.

Best fit language technologies Integrated into any application.

LTC Communicator configures the most suitable translation engine for individual language pairs. The quality of content is ensured with optional human quality assurance to provide the best translation output when needed.

Customizable for specific knowledge domains

Domain specific automated translations can be used in the most suitable workflow for the particular application. Communication in a given application is often within a well defined subject area. LTC-Communicator can be customized to the preferred ‘domain’ the customer works in.

A Translation Process invisible to the end-user

Acting as a “black box” this system can integrate with almost any application seamlessly into the infrastructure. The only requirement is a web-based front-end where LTC Communicator automates requests as part of the workflow.

Simple Translation management

The ease of use improves the client and the end-user experience supporting multilingual communication.

Trusted and controlled translations

As a tool, LTC Communicator is easy to implement using plug-in integration and specific configuration. With this control, workflow support issues are pin pointed clearly and changes can be made quickly. Users can manage the access restrictions in applications, all while the content produced is routed seamlessly.

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