MorMed combines key features to provide a unique content management and networking platform.

Users can understand the information exchanged within community groups regardless of the language used, and they offer knowledge via blogs, wikis, or forums in a cross-language manner.

A dynamic user interface

An easy to use and intuitive user interface. Information exchange is easy to identify, evaluate and access, regardless of the user’s native language. The MorMed platform allows the user to create content - blogs, wikis, forums, polls, calendar events, attach files and make comments - all in their own native language.

An innovative translation workflow back-end

Multilingual functionality for all content generated within the platform is made possible by LTC technology. This combines best fit translation tools such as translation memories, machine translation programs and an optional human post-editing service. Translations are near real-time, persistent and controlled.

Intelligent, language-neutral information retrieval functionalities

MorMed provides social software applications enhanced with semantic information processing tools. A recommendation engine employs collaborative filtering algorithms to analyze the online behavior of users in order to suggest items that could match the personal interests of users in a language-agnostic manner. Persistent translations continuously enrich the knowledge base with new user-generated content.

Central knowledge repositories

Central knowledge repositories are collaboratively and gradually built (e.g. wiki articles), the content of which can be added to or edited by users within a trusted environment. MorMed makes more information available and promotes communication between users in any language.