About LTC

LTC provides cutting-edge and validated language technology, product localization and translation services that accelerate time to market, create new global revenue opportunities, expand worldwide brands and drastically reduce operational costs.

LTC is a leader in providing high value translation technology, translation services and product localization services to the global enterprise. LTC delivers high value and practical translation solutions that accelerate time to market, create new global revenue opportunities, expand worldwide brands, and drastically reduce operating costs.

LTC’s innovative, flexible and focused approach to ensuring our customers’ success is valued by leading global enterprises including Deutsche Post and the European Union. LTC offers seasoned expertise in all aspects of authoring, managing and delivering corporate content in multiple languages including workflow and translation automation. LTC’s services and technologies are driven by a unique development approach know as Collaborative Innovation (CI).

LTC history: what does over 20 years of business mean in the language industry?

So what is the secret to surviving and growing as a company over a time period where changes and challenges will inevitably occur? One of our core competencies is responsiveness to change and innovation based on our vision of the future of our language industry. This has enabled LTC to continuously grow and challenge current norms in the industry with a proactive approach to improving services and product development.

Since the company was established in 1992, the Language Technology Centre has influenced the industry in many ways, and has helped increase the understanding, visibility, and innovation of language services and the language technology industry respectively. As a business LTC has over 40 employees and has grown organically with no debts.

LTC is considered one of the first companies to deploy translation memory technology (TM) in 1994, and we were the first to bring a business management system to the market in 1998 with LTC Organiser, designed exclusively for the needs of the language industry. In the early years of the 21st century LTC were creating automated workflows that combine translation memory (TM) and machine translation (MT) capabilities together. 2007 saw the combination of customer requirements and suggestions, research and development to launch LTC Worx, second generation technology providing an enhanced web-based business management solution. Today, the company focus is on realising the goals of customers - which include global enterprises, public administrations, SMEs  and language agencies - by managing multilingual workflows and providing consultancy, computer-assisted multilingual services and integrated technology solutions.

About the industry

Over recent years, the language industry has been able to define itself more clearly due to the rise in international business and clear value added solutions to multilingual challenges. Importantly the industry is also becoming defined due to a concerted effort by the European Union to raise awareness of an economic sector with considerable growth potential.

The language industry is consistently showing continued growth. In 2009, The Directorate-General for Translation commissioned The Language Technology Centre to carry out a study to analyse the size of the language industry in the EU (European Commission, DG Translation Studies on Translation & Multilingualism, Size of the Language Industry in the EU, 2009). Further research by organisations such as Common Sense Advisory – with yearly reports on the Language Services Market – and LT-Innovate – with the report LT2013: Status and Potential of the European Language Technology Markets – have shown that demand for language services and technology continues to increase. LTC’s vast experience and expertise in the industry will help your company identify and manage the best solution for your multilingual requirements.

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